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A2 Milk Whole 1Ltr

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Product Summary

The astonishing story of two types of cow.

Originally all cows' produced milk with only the A2 protein. Over time, some cows evolved and started to produce milk with a different protein called A1, it is this protein now found in regular cows' milk that many people find difficult to digest. The good news is there are still plenty of cows out there that only produce the easy to digest A2 protein. It is these cows that we specially select to make a2 Milk™. So a2 Milk™ is different because our cows are different. That's why we say: ‘Ordinary on the outside, extraordinary on the inside'.

Recommended by Netmums - 90% of Netmums felt a positive difference when they tried a2 Milk™ for just 1 week*

*In a poll of 155 Netmums member, 85% would recommend a2 Milk™ to a friend.

It's amazing, sorted out my digestive problems - Rosie Bartlett, Delicious and nutritious 100% natural fresh cows' milk, Easy to digest, Pure a2 Milk - naturally free from the A1 protein, Nothing added nothing taken away. Great choice for the whole family.

Whole milk can be given to children over the age of 1, semi-skimmed from the age of 2.

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